Project Team

LIAA members

Anita Ābola
EEN Latvia Coordinator

Specialities: external markets and EU legislation, feedback mechanism, standardization

Ginta Zalaka

Specialities: external markets and EU legislation, feedback mechanism, partnering opportunities database

Sandra Veckāgane
Rita Elste - Tomsone

LTC members

Ints Vīksna
EEN Latvia LTC Project Manager

Specialities: planning and reports, communication with EC, ICT, energy and industrial production technology transfer, company missions and exhibitions, business contacts, financing innovation

Agnese Kore
Project Manager

Specialities: event organization, database of support for innovation support structures, technology transfer, processing of interest statements


Juris Balodis
Project Manager

Specialities: technology transfer (life and natural sciences), EU research programs and SME’s in research projects; EEN Latvia newsletters


Dita Vērdiņa
Project Consultant

Specialities: technology transfer, organization of brokerage events and company missions

Ligita Grava
EEN Latvia LTC Project Assistant

Specialities: technical works